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smart banking system

MicroBanker Nepal’s Smart Banking System is a cloud-based mobile banking setup designed to enable mobility for financial institutions. This system integrates or is a part of MBWin Core Banking System, which means, being in MicroBanker Eco System there is a huge potential for further future enhancement. The Smart Banking System includes all the latest functions that assist in a better banking experience for end customers by providing features such as account inquiry, P2P payments, interbank and intrabank transfers, statements, wallet service, bill payments, and many more.


Some of the features are listed below:

  1. WIFI, GPRS, and SMS Enabled: Works on multiple channels
  2. Detailed Account Enquiry: All the details of the account are previewed.
  3. Account statement: Account statements are previewed with no limits on the date.
  4. Cheque Book Request: Online Cheque book request.
  5. Internal fund transfer: Easy fund transfer within the organization.
  6. Inter-Bank fund transfer: Transfer amount to more than 50 banks.
  7. Load balance to wallet: Load balance to Khalti wallet.
  8. Online Payments: Payments such as Top-up, TV, Internet, Utilities, etc.
  9. Android and IOS Platform: Works on both of the popular platforms
  10. And much more: Pin change, customized layout scheme, etc.
smart banking system