Our Story

Almost three decades ago, MBNepal started with a small staff and two fold visions. The first was to provide banking software services in Nepal for rural populations, that even big commercial banks did not have access to in those days. The second was to cultivate technical expertise and build capacity in Nepal, who could serve as consultants to other developing countries that needed similar services. MicroBanker software system was developed by MB Nepal. Our office in Nepal became the official partner and competence center for this software, providing services, support and expertise for its implementation around the world.

Many developing countries that needed affordable financial software and systems acquired the MicroBanking (MBWin) system. Over the years, we have also worked with commercial banks to digitized manual records, and many organizations sought our help to resolve Y2K programming deficiencies. We have also helped many nations that have faced political turmoil and instability to start building financial systems, helping small MFIs grow to national commercial banks or nation-wide organizations.

Today, our outreach extends from the remote Karnali region of Nepal to remote areas in African countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, supporting organizations who provide financial services to people living in rural communities, villages, towns and cities in many developing nations. MBWin has also been made multi-lingual to meet the needs of our highly diverse clientele. We now support 10 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Laotian, Russian, Spanish, and Indonesian.

We are proud to support grassroots organizations in many countries including Nepal, and to bridge the digital divide for those who have been historically excluded from the benefits of technology and commercial banking platforms. In this respect, our team continues to develop the latest, state of the art technologies to provide services like ATMs, Internet banking, Tablet banking, QR payment, SMS Banking, Smart Banking App etc. and to uphold the highest standards for our products.

Our team continues to provide services in 22 nations in more than 500 institutions. We extend our gratitude to all those who have helped us to reach this milestone and to stand where we are today.