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electronic document management system (edms)

An Electronic Documents Management System (EDMS) is a product developed by MBNepal to contribute on tracking, managing and storing various documents of clients/members of MBWin system user institutions. The system is very useful in terms of reducing paper works, protection of valuable documents and also to save time in searching of physical documents.

Key highlights of EDMS

  • Separate database is maintained to store the images so that no issue of database size increment of MicroBanking System and can be retrieved easily & conveniently.
  • Multiple images, pages can be stored for a single purpose. For example, front page, back page of citizenship, multiple pages of loan Tamasuk etc.
  • Application wise image capture & view options such as separate view options for member related documents, loan related documents, FD/savings related documents.
  • Can be easily sent to printer for copies. No need to look for photocopy options.
  • Documents can easily be transferred via email or using any other communication methods that can protect from losing the valuable documents during physical transportation and it may also save time & transportation/courier cost.
  • As documents are handy to view, unnecessary printing of documents can be reduced which will help reducing harmful emissions and protect environment.
  • Helps on creating paperless working scenario.