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assets & inventory management

The Asset management tracks the equipment and supplies that a company uses to run the business. In other words, inventory management and asset management both track a company’s property. But inventory management focuses on the flow of items a company sells or parts it uses to make goods.


The Asset & Inventory Management System (MBAMS) features are currently facilitated in the system:

  1. Secure access by authorized personnel only with encrypted password
  2. Break-down and grouping of assets based on different categories & levels which are fully flexible due to user-defined parameters
  3. Complete purchase details of assets
  4. Tracking of assets transfer/issue between various department
  5. Tracking of assets movement between Locations (Branches)
  6. Tracking of assets based on responsible Persons
  7. Records of sale/auction detail of assets
  8. Records of assets receive from various donor/institutions
  9. Records of asset dispose for damaged assets
  10. Bar code label generation and printing
  11. Store/View picture of Assets
  12. Depreciation on Fixed Assets using various methods such as fixed line, declining/diminishing balance, Sum of year’s digit etc.
  13. User-defined depreciation limit
  14. Various report for fixed Assets, depreciation
  15. General Inventory management including stock report