Urgent Notice

Due to worldwide pandemic of Corona Virus, MicroBanker Nepal Office will be closing down our operations from the workplace until further notice.However, we will be providing support and other official works via personal phone,email or over internet. Our valued clients are requested to request for support via our customer support officer’s personal phone,viber chat and email.Please use following number’s to contact for any support and inquiries.

Notice: http://mbnepal.com/urgent-notice/

General Enquiries: mbnepal@mbnepal.com
Support: support@mbnepal.com,mbnepal-supports@googlegroups.com
Accounts: accounts@mbnepal.com

Viber Community: https://invite.viber.com/…

  Name Mobile No Email
A Management
Anjira Malakar 9851035914 anjira.malakar@gmail.com
Reva Rajbhandary Shrestha 9851030201 rrajbhandary@gmail.com
B Support
Bijaya Pradhan Shrestha 9851072043 bijayashresth@gmail.com
Ajay Govinda Shrestha Duwal 9841349843 mragshrestha@gmail.com
Pooja Pradhan Shrestha 9841221573 pradhanpoojak@gmail.com
Sabina Shakya Shrestha 9851094405 sabinashakya3067@gmail.com
Rasuj Shrestha 9841739185 rasujshrestha@gmail.com
Krishna Bdr. Magar 9841798201 krishnabdrt@gmail.com
Bijay Khanal 9841482184 khanal.bj@gmail.com
Rojan Man Sthapit 9851237839 sthapit.rojan@gmail.com
Pooja Bhatta 9841936588 poojabhatta21@gmail.com
Shailesh Kumar Srivastava 9841295643 shaileshko@gmail.com
Nihit Rajbhandari 9849358551 nihitrajbhandari40@gmail.com
Ashmita KC 9802918503 asmikc7@gmail.com
Unisha Karanjit 9860074318 unisha.karanjit@gmail.com
Prabesh Shakya 9849896635 prabeshshakya990@gmail.com
C Marketting
Dinesh Kumar Rajbhandari 9851047368 dinesh.rajbhandari@gmail.com
Binaya Shrestha 9851049252 binaya33@gmail.com
D Accounts 
Sweta Shrestha 9841893660 sweta.shresth@gmail.com
Ram Krishna Lamichhane 9851237705 rkl2037sudha@gmail.com
Bikash Pyakurel 9849517919 bpyakurel.bp@gmail.com
Smriti Pradhan 9818367334 smirtipradhan975308@gmail.com
Samyak Rajbhandari 9849676295 samyak35354@gmail.com

We request everybody to be safe,cautious and have less human contact until the threat of corona pandemic is lessened. We also request everybody to work from home if possible. And lastly, we would like to pray for everybody’s better health and the end of this pandemic as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you,
MBNepal Team