SMS Banking System

MicroBanker Nepal has developed the SMSBanking system and introduced in Nepal. This system was in the first phase integrated with the MicroBanking System for DOS(MB-DOS), which is now available for MBWin (MicroBanker For Windows).The Mobile Banking is a service that allows a customer to view the information of their accounts using their Mobile Phones with SMS (Short Messaging Service) facility. In other word, the customer can access their bank account very conveniently but in a secured mode to perform various operations. This service provides the real-time account information in a true “anywhere, anytime” transaction capabilities from the mobile phones very conveniently to the registered clients. This means your customer can access their account information, perform some banking transactions 24 hours, from home country as well as from any country where mobile phone roaming services is available.

The system is designed to access the data of the FAO MicroBanking system to provide the required information. It works using Short Messaging Service (SMS) technology. With SMS, the client can perform a wide range of query-based transactions from a mobile phone, without making a call. The information are retrieved from MB system and send back to the mobile phone via the SMS Centre, all in a matter of a few seconds.

The Mobile Banking system we are proposing you can runs under the Microsoft Windows 98/XP/2000 operating systems. The system has been fully tested and is now being used in Nepal. It is capable to run in latest hardware platform that are already available in your organization. The system is very efficient, as it does not require additional computer or staffs and runs automatically from your existing server. We are confident that you will benefit from this system in the competitive market. The service can be provided to the new and the existing client for those who register their account and mobile phones in the system. This kind of system can generate profit to your organization as you can charge your client for their registrations to use this system as well as per call basis.

System allows the customer to change Pin Code(Password) and user can Activate or Deactivate their sms registration or request for HELP using their mobile phone.

The following application features are currently facilitated in the system as per different modules used in your organization.

Loan Accounts

  • Enquiry of loans outstanding balance
  • Checking loans due amount
  • Checking amount required to close
  • View recent 5 account transactions within last six months

Saving/Current Accounts

  • Enquiry of account balance
  • Enquiry of available balance
  • Request for stop cheque payment
  • Withdrawal alert as per the amount specified by client
  • View recent 5 account transactions within last six months

Time Deposit Accounts

  • Get information on principal amount, maturity date and interest rate.
  • Stop Rollover (Auto-Renewal)
  • View recent 5 account transactions within last six months.