Mobile Banking


MicroBanker Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with Pure Software Pvt. Ltd.(Arttha Nepal) to provide our customer with seamless mobile banking service. The Mobile Banking App is available in both Android and Apple devices and it uses very limited amount of data to request so that minimum cost is beard by the customer during the transaction. In case where there is no availability of internet the app will work through SMS.

The app has following featueres:

  1. Account Enquiry
  2. Mini Statement
  3. NTC/NCELL Top up
  4. Recharge Cards
  5. Card less ATM Withdrawal
  6. Mobile Payments

What is Card less ATM Withdrawal?

Now our mobile banking user can withdraw money from Laxmi Bank’s ATM using the Mobile Banking App. There is a option which will generate a OTP (One time password) which we can use within 24 hour in the ATM booth for withdrawal.

Why this Mobile Banking App?

Traditional Mobile Banking App or SMS Based system uses SMS as main source of communication, which means there is a significant amount of cost per request and also there is changes of network failure, delay in message etc. Our mobile banking app uses internet as main source of communication and since it uses very less amount of data it can work through any 3G/2G Networks. Thus, making the request and reply process prompt. The user can select SMS as source of communication if there is no presence of internet, in this case the user will be alerted back using the SMS as well. The app has feature to use multiple accounts using same mobile banking app and you can choose the account from which you want to process your transaction.


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