Mobile Agency System


MBNepal has developed a unique and innovative product as add on software for MBWin to manage field collections for Microfinance banking using Android Phone or tablet in secured mode for various operations. It is an innovative branch less banking system to allow transaction in the field so that customer no longer needs to walk to the bank. The system is a reliable banking system, in which instant receipt can also be printed in the field using blue tooth printer so manipulations by agent is ruled out which build the customer confidence. The major benefit of the system is easy to manage high volume of field transactions with less man-power and easy to increase client out-reach. The system is designed to save cost for branch operations as you only need representatives to enhance to transaction capacity.

Mobile Agency System

The following main features are facilitated in the system:

  1. Deposit Collection
  2. Loan Repayment
  3. Withdrawal with client PIN
  4. Loan Disbursement
  5. Acoount Enquiry
  6. Customer Enquiry
  7. Reconcilation reports and other reports

The MBMAS system is developed in windows environment. It has been written in DOT Net framework using SQL CE (SQL compact edition) and it runs under the Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2005/2008/2012 operating systems. The system has already been used by different clients in Nepal as well as Bhutan and Myanmar.

The system is designed to download the data from MBWin system to Android phone/Table before field visit or can also be sent the files via email or internet FTP/DropBox to the branch to load data to mobile. The agent will directly enter the data in mobile/tablet in the field. He will also print a receipt for each transaction or generate other important client information using Bluetooth printer. Once he returns from the field, he will upload the data from mobile phone to MBWin system or sends files via email or internet FTP/DropBox to the main office to update MBWin system