Micro-Finance Group Module


  • The customer orientation and customer relationship facilities enable MBWin to offer powerful features for
    Microfinance institutions that use various group methodologies.
  • Multi-level groups” can be set up with a loan officer at the top of the hierarchy, followed by, for
    example, centres, then groups and even subgroups, and finally members.
  • Accounts can be owned by any of the levels in the hierarchy. This allows for the creation of an extremely
    flexible administrative, monitoring and tracking system.
  • The multi-level group hierarchy is linked with the MBWin transaction processor in such a way that the
    system can be configured to auto-generate batches of loan repayments and (compulsory) savings deposits.
  • These can be used as so-called “collection sheets” when making centre visits to groups of customers and,
    afterwards in the branch, for exceptional posting of large numbers of transactions in an extremely efficient
  • Lowering of transaction costs and improved staff productivity, as well as the provision of a powerful
    monitoring capability, are the main benefits.