MBWin Management Information System (MBMIS)

MBWin Management Information System (MBMIS)

The MBWin MIS System (MBMIS) is designed for the consolidation and merging of branch level MBWin databases at the head office of an institution. It allows the head office staff to monitor and analyze the operation of all the branches in a convenient way. Given its tight integration with MBWin, it is an ideal solution for the institutions which are already running MBWin.

MBMIS Features

Following is a brief list of features of MBMIS:

• The reporting part is designed with the upper management in mind and consequently is very easy and intuitive to use.

• Consolidation and merging of branch databases.

• CGAP indicators – computed on the basis of parameters provided by user.

• Consolidated trial balances – which allow you to drill down up to the level of individual branches.

• Multiple and unlimited number of user defined balance sheets, profit and loss statements.

• Various monitoring reports (see annex 1 for details) and graphs (see annex 2 for details).

• User defined compulsory saving account products.

• User defined loan provision definitions allows you to compute the provision for the whole institution.

• A facility to update summary GL values retroactively.

• Customized Reports as per individual institutional need