– Automatic run of the BOD/EOD/EOM phases (Beginning of day/End of day and End of month routines)
– One transaction entry in the front and/or back office transactions makes all corresponding necessary entries automatically
– Automatic printing of vouchers, receipts and no need to write manually
– Automatic printing of Pass card (pass book) for different saving a/c
– Automatic printing of Bank Statement, NRB reports, MIS records required by your organization
– Automatic printing of Fixed Deposit Certificates
– Automatic printing of Savings withdrawal request slip
– Automatic printing of Current account Cheque book
– Re-useable of batches for credit to the fund deposits
– Built in report writing tool
– Form designer for balance sheet and statement of profit and loss
– Collateral details for loan accounts
– Automatic recovery of installment dues from the deposit accounts
– Built-in Signature/Photos verifications
– Built-in Configurator
– Maintenance of teller roles/authorizations
– Concurrent Multi-Lingual (CMLS) system
– Remote authorization of pending transactions
– MB Messenger to send and receive small messages within the office
– Standing Instructions
– Bank statements send to email
– Feature to upload reports directly in web site of CIB (as per requirement of Credit Information Bureau)

– Security

As the banking software needs the high security requirements than other business software, MicroBanker has given highest priority for the security in its development. Thus it has built-in account level security through the record level hashing in addition to user level passwords and network securities.