Advance Training Course

MBNepal is pleased to re-announce the FAO-GTZ MicroBanking System (MBwin) Advance Training Course based on the request from different MBWIN users. The course is designed to provide adequate knowledge and skills on the topics mentioned below. It will help to use the system with the full functionality, to be familiarized about the latest development of the software and its enhanced features and facilities in a proficient manner.

The course is designed to support MicroBanking system besides daily normal operation, so the key staff who is familiar with MicroBanking system is expected to attend the training course. The course will be tailored on the basis of the necessities of the participants and will cater their advanced requirements.

Specifically, the course focuses on below topics;

  1. MBWIN System Configuration including product designing and modifications as per the market trend and demand.
  2. Handling of advance/supervisory operations in MBWIN system.
  3. Internal accounting mechanism, taxation and report reconciliation.
  4. MBWIN periodic updates and latest version upgrades.
  5. Detail explanation on reports and new enhancement.
  6. Highlight on ‘difficult issues’ and ‘frequently asked questions’ by users.
  7. Security measures and data backup maintenance, disaster recovery solution via private and public clouds.
  8. Briefing on MBNepal customization modules: Internet banking, SMS banking with mobile balance top up, Asset Management System, Customer Enquiry Desk,   Mobile Agent System, budget module, Cheque processing management, ABBS, ATM and MBWIN Centralized System.

Course schedule and fees Schedule :  26 – 29 September 2016 (10 – 13 Aswin 2073),   Monday to Thursday  Time  : 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
Venue : MicroBanker Nepal Office, Naya Bazar-16, Kathmandu;  4358647, 4361957, 4358312

We kindly request you to send us the name of the participants before 3rd Aswin to ensure your participation. As we have to manage the training materials and the computer hardware according to the number of participants we may not be able to accept the late request. Confirmation of the enrollment will be done on a first come first serve basis. All the participants are requested to bring the latest database backup of their system to focus the training on individual’s requirement.   We shall be happy to answer any queries with regard to this course.